The World's ONLY online REAL CARD Random Generator

Only Real Deal games play like real-life card games, because only Real Deal games start with an actual deck of cards. Every other online card game operating – poker, blackjack, baccarat, rummy, and even poker slots – uses a random number generator (RNG). More than one third of all online gamblers and poker players do not trust RNGs – and they are not alone. Every State and National lottery uses some type of physical instrument (like ping pong balls) to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. They know what players know – RNG-driven games are impossible to audit, so testing the integrity of the game is likewise not possible. Real Deal uses real decks of cards, so of course, post-game audits are available to every player. This is how we do it…

The Deck

Only with Real Deal’s patented and automated systems can real playing cards be delivered to online gaming products such as poker. In the Real Deal process, a real deck of cards is scrambled (‘washed’ or mixed in the same way as a live dealer at a table) then shuffled. This truly random deck of cards is then passed over a camera for video capture and a barcode on each card is read simultaneously. The deck is then digitized and encrypted. The deck is then sent to the poker software from our servers the moment the game starts. Therefore, when our company provides decks of cards to any online game type, the player can be certain the game software cannot manipulate the deck.

The Cut

Real Deal Poker’s patented deck cut function, allows the player with the dealer button to manually cut the deck (or pre order a deck cut position when it is their turn. This not only engages the player just like live poker but adds another level of security. The cut function acts as a captcha which stops bots (computer programs designed to play against humans). Real Deal’s technology is intended to improve the experience for the casual and social online poker players (which together comprise over 95% of all poker players online globally).

The Deal

Just as in live poker, Real Deal Pokers patented systems burns a card before the flop, turn and river. If it happens in a live game, why wouldn’t it happen in an online game?
Our in-house development team are currently completing further functionalities that will further add to the real deal experience whilst at the same time providing the transparency that players in tomorrow’s online poker market will be demanding.

The Audit

Ever wondered why lotto uses ping pong balls? The answer is so that the game can be audited. An RNG produced deck cannot be truly audited, it is only possible with real, physical instruments. Our systems check the deck is complete and after the wash and two shuffle cycles, a digital record of the whole deck is made. At the same time a video capture of the random deck is taken. This allows for complete transparency and audit.
Our next functionality to be integrated into our poker software will be for the player to self audit any game. Even if only watching a game as a spectator. A simple click in the poker client will provide a full video and digital record of the deck for viewing and download. Nothing in online poker like this exists today.

We are so certain that our decks are the only truly random deck in online gaming that we will be offering a massive cash prize for players involved in a game where the deck provided to that game is in the same order as any other deck ever produced by Real Deal Systems.