Gene Gioia – CEO

Picture of Gene GioiaGene Gioia is a CPA, CVA and former IRS Revenue Agent and now a casual poker player with approximately $100,000 in tournament cashes. Gene is a visionary, inventor, architect and the driving force behind Real Deal System for online gaming. Gene's passion for the integrity of the online game was the motivation behind the 5 year quest to create the ideal system for both dealing a real deck of cards online as well as establishing unquestionable integrity for the results of online games.

Andy Power – Director of Operations

Picture of Andy PowerAndy has over 30 years’ experience in the gambling sector from bricks and mortar casino gaming to online casino, slots and poker. Andy has held Casino General Manager and Director positions with casinos in many countries around the world. For more than 20 years, Andy has consulted to the gaming industry, in particular to the online poker sector. As a poker player, Andy understands the concerns of fellow players with regards the integrity of computer generated cards.

“If you are a poker player or involved in the poker industry, you will know that a large proportion of players do not trust a computer program to generate cards. Which is one of the reasons why live dealer systems were developed. Our Automated Dealing Systems are fully scalable, I believe we will replace the RNG in many on-line gaming products in the near future”.

Jim Markisohn – Marketing Advisor

Picture of Jim MarkisohnJim is an experienced P&L leader with standout success in several general management, marketing, business development and product line management roles most recently as the VP of Marketing for a nearly $2B business unit of HD Supply. Jim spent over 23 years with Arrow Electronics, Inc. - one of the world’s largest electronics distributors - in a variety of executive positions, last serving as Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. After leaving Arrow, Jim founded and served as managing partner of Circa 65, LLC – the leading provider of outsourced marketing management services for technology manufacturers and their channel partners. After six successful years, of operation, Jim agreed to an acquisition by the Market Creation Group, Inc.

Peter Nofi – Business Advisor

Picture of Peter NofiPeter Nofi worked at Ernst & Young for 18 years as a technology auditor. He supervised the funds transfer department at Deutsche Bank for two years where over $200 billion was processed on a daily basis. Pete was the Risk Manager for the domestic custody division of Deutsche Bank from 2000 to 2004. Pete started a company, Universal Safety Response, Inc., with two partners and helped grow it into one of the largest perimeter security companies in the United States. USR was sold to Smith and Wesson in 2009. His experience and understanding of what is needed to grow a company will prove invaluable.

Jim Casart – Financial Advisor

Picture of Jim CasartJim has spent the last thirty years following his passion, providing business advisory and tax consulting services to emerging businesses. With his specific expertise in enterprise growth, acquisition and exit planning, and the strategies needed to accomplish those objectives, he has helped structure and negotiate numerous transactions for entrepreneurial businesses. Jim has been involved as a principal, consultant to over $3 billion in successful transactions in diverse industries. He provides hands-on assistance in creating/implementing strategic business practices, including 5-year strategic business plans, annual strategic budgets and initiatives, identification and tracking of key performance indicators, guidance for moving from initial R&D operations through to commercial success, external funding partnerships, “dashboard” management tools for top-level executives, and working with external advisory boards.

Jim is a founder and CEO of Team 80 LLC and a partner at Karsh Consulting, P.C., Certified Public Accountants. He is a CPA with a Master’s degree in Accounting from Rice University, Houston, Texas, and Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting, Political Science, Economics, and Management Science from Rice.

Aakash Sahai – Technical Advisor

Picture of Aakash SahaiAakash has played a critical role as a technologist in many startups in the past decade including Pacific Broadband Communications, Juniper Networks and Wild Blue Communications, Inc. Aakash is a forward thinking technologist who was able to quickly understand our ADS methodology in June of 2010 and implement updates that brought ADS to the final stages of completion. Aakash then successfully integrated ADS into the software platform used on the website. Aakash also is keen on knowing what needs to be done to bring technology into the business paradigm so that the technological solution is business savvy and not just technical.

Mike Casullo – Technical Advisor

Picture of Mike CasulloMike served as Chief Information Officer for satellite broadband provider, Wild Blue Corporation. Mike is very familiar with our products, software and operations. He will be instrumental in integrating our intellectual property into existing client online software. Mike is adept at understanding how to blend technology into the overall business plan.

Andy Gioia - Automated Systems Designer

Picture of Andy GioiaAndy has a passion for understanding why machines do what they do; no surprise he is one of the inventors of the Automated Dealer System (ADS). Andy worked for over 20 years as a service technician for Xerox Corporation working on high speed laser printers. He developed such a highly regarded reputation that if there was a machine he could not fix, the company would get rid of it. Andy’s brilliance in conceiving the design and functionality of the ADS, the backbone of the Real Deal technology, is evidenced by the fact that our ADS machines have each processed tens of thousands of decks of cards with virtually no down time and limited required maintenance. This is an exceptional feat for mechanical systems and evidence of his knowledge of systems and components needed for reliability. Andy continues to develop our systems and is currently designing the multi-deck ADS machine that will be used for delivering multiple decks for games such as Baccarat and Rummy.

Dave Cleveland – Engineer

Picture of Dave ClevelandDave is a mechanical and control systems engineer with thirty years of experience designing and building custom automation machinery for various industries including medical devices, automotive components, food and beverage container production, and pharmaceutical packaging.

Dave is the owner and sole proprietor of Custom Engineering Solutions since 2008 and a member of Gioia Gaming Systems Team since 2007.