Itech labsReal Deal Systems, the proprietary delivery architecture and software has been tested and certified by iTech Labs, the World’s leading ISO/IEC 17025 certified testing laboratory

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Gambling Supervision Commission

Real Deal Poker was approved and licensed by the Isle Of Man gambling regulatory body GSC (Gambling Supervision Commission). Real Deal Poker remains to be the only gambling operator to be licensed to operate online poker with real cards.


Tested Real Deal Poker provides the world's only fully scalable automated real card dealing system for online game play called CASCADE (Certifiable Auditable Secure CArd DEaling S. Every ADS (Automated Dealing System) machine is vigorously tested before being added to our systems. The robust and modular design means that only minimum maintenance is required without delivery system downtime. A testament to our Professional Engineers.


Tablet We are certain that we have proven concept. In 2010 we operated a fully licensed, certified, real money online poker room which was enjoyed by 50,000 players and over 5 million hands dealt. A six-month process that we learned from and improved our systems.

At the end of 2017 we operated free to play tournaments and the feedback was just as impressive second time around.