Investment Opportunity with Real Deal Poker

In 2016, Amaya Inc. (PokerStars) earned $846 million in online poker revenues. Whilst the company is the market leader, the software hasn’t changed that much.

Random number generators (RNG) which generate decks of cards are not trusted by all of the online poker community. We solve that problem by dealing Real Cards. Players are worried that poker software can manipulate the sequence of decks and the lack of transparency. Our decks are created apart from the game software on separate secure servers, the decks are recorded on video. Each deck dealt can be audited. 70% of the World’s poker players are yet to venture online. We have proven that players want real cards, we provide what the players want and more. We firmly believe that online poker (and other games) operated with real decks and our patented Real Deal technology is the future.

Our first round of investment has secured new and state of the art online poker software. In Q2 2018 our management team and software developers shall be working towards completing our real money, licensed online poker room (realdealpoker) that is part of our own online poker network. By Q3 the online poker room will be operating.

Poker Network

Game screen

Our next round of investment is already underway. In 2018, Real Deal Gaming LLC will offer Real Deal Systems on a B2B basis. New and existing online poker brands will be offered a place on our poker network. This will be the only poker network in the World that uses Real Cards, each brand marketing their poker room shall be marketing the Real Deal System. As poker brands join the network, player liquidity will increase substantially. This creates a snowball effect, more players provides a bigger marketing budget which acquires more players. We already have clients contracted to Real Deal Gaming LLC for the provision of B2B services.

The proceeds of the next investment round will be utilized to:

  • Market Real Deal as a differentiated solution for other online card game providers and their players
  • Build multiple deck delivery capacity
  • Fund the integration of already developed unique functionalities that further set us apart from any other online poker provider.
  • Fund the research and the development of software for all online casino games that utilize instrument such as cards or tiles.

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