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Online Poker

We are seeking new or existing online poker operators to join our new poker network. Real Deal Poker Network will launch early January 2019. We have White Label, Turnkey and API solutions available. For more information please visit the Real Deal Poker Network website;

Develop New Gaming Software with Us

Our systems are proprietary, licensed, patented. Be the first to develop new online games and slots using Real Cards. We are already in development with multi deck systems to provide real cards to Rummy, Blackjack and Baccarat for example


If you are games developers and have an idea that we can work together on, let us know! It isn’t just real cards that we can provide to online games. What about tile games or scrabble, or a lotto game based on a deck of cards?

Land Based Casino Games, Digital Table Games, Slots

Have you ever seen a digital table-top poker machine, like they have on cruise ships? Basically, it is a way of dealing live poker without a dealer. But how do they shuffle cards? Well they don’t, a RNG creates the deck. Wouldn’t the machine be more like a live experience if it was played with Real Deal Systems providing the cards?

Land based casino poker slot machines have not really changed in decades. Would a poker slot with REAL cards be welcomed by players? We think so, in fact our polling proves it. So, if you are a slot machine manufacturer or an online slot developer you need to get in touch.

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Whatever your idea is or if you have any questions for us, please contact us here or enter your email below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.